Working at

Bored of repeatedly coding boring stuff over and over again? Do you feel ready to take on a new challenge? If that is the case, you should definitely have a look at the jobs currently offers.

Yet, be warned: we are looking for skilled colleagues who would be able to beat the first challenge, passing the interview process. We develop prototype software for the largest companies in the networking industry and this is a task for the best of the best.

However, once you join, you can work from your cozy home, developing the same projects as your peers in Silicon Valley.

Why we educate

  • Too often schools only provide students with theoretical knowledge, leaving the practical part missing
  • A typical graduate is not prepared for launching a career
  • We don’t do single lectures, but full-scale courses which teach the basics of Java and Python, the most commonly used languages
  • Students work according to methodology and procedures which are used by major IT companies
  • With the skills we teach, students are much more likely to land in a truly great job
  • And the bonus: the best will be granted a job with

Secondary schools

  • We have been cooperating with Banská Bystrica’s Jozef Murgaš Secondary Vocational School since 2014
  • Pantheon sponsors two of the school’s courses: Information Technology & Network Technology
  • These extracurricular activities provide students with basic skills in Python and Java programming languages


  • We’ve launched cooperation with the Matej Bel University in 2015
  • We are opening two optional courses at the college of information technologies
  • Programming in Python for third year students
  • Programming in Java for first year students of the master’s programme